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Clean Room

A cleanroom (or clean room) is a room that has HEPA filtration to remove particles from the air. Cleanrooms are used for manufacturing where high levels of cleanliness and sterility are required. Cleanrooms come in different classes from class 100 to100,000.

Electric Industry

Fete Filter keeps pace with contamination control technology so you can drive better device performance. Protect your sensitive electronics and optical devices and your processes from hazardous particles. Our cleanroom filters give you the particulate removal you need while providing energy and cost savings.

Food And Beverage

Clean air is a vital ingredient to your food and beverage products. Keeping outdoor contaminants from entering your building through your HVAC system is key to protecting your products, processes and people.


Hospitals present one of the most unique and challanging buildings for Air Filter experts. This is due to the diversity of spaces, from store rooms/closets, to exam rooms, to surgical operating rooms, and pharmacies. Here we will focus on the legal requirements and best practices for air filtration in these different areas within a hospital.


Hotel are built for people. Help to protect their occupants against external and internal sources of air contaminants – and improve their comfort, health and productivity with clean indoor air.


The construction of enterprise clean rooms can not only remove particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within the product production space, and ensure that the production environment is clean and dust-free; it can also effectively control product infections and upgrades caused by microorganisms.

Motor Industry

It is very necessary to build a clean and dust-free workshop to improve the working environment of automobile painting and take certain protective measures.

Ventilation System

Supply ventilation systems work by pressurizing the building. We use fan filter unit to force outside air into the building while air leaks out of the building through holes in the shell, bath- and range-fan ducts, and intentional vents.

Who Are We?

Fete Filter is the leading manufacturer of critical environment applications, with over 15 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom and laboratory-based industries. Fete Filter manufactures comprehensive lines of modular cleanrooms, pass-through chambers, desiccator cabinets, glove boxes, laminar flow benches and furnishings.

Our Mission

As a manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, we provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimize energy use, and benefit human health and the environment. The best solutions for our customers are best for our planet, too