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Cardboard Frame Primary Air Filter

Efficiency: G1/G2/G3/G4
Media: Synthetic fiber
Frame: Cardboard
Max. Temperature: 50℃ (except cardboard)
Max. Humidity: 100% (except cardboard)

General Description

The Pleated Panel Air Filter is a medium efficiency disposable air filter, suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems which require a higher efficiency and greater dust holding capacity than can be achieved with glass or synthetic panels.


1.Disposable Panel Air Filter
2.Acts as a first stage filter offering G4 grade filtration
3.Rigid, Moisture Resistant Card Frame
4.Food Safe Air Filter
5.Extended Surface
6.Large Dust Holding Capacity


1. Clean rooms
2. Food processing industry.
3. Pharmaceutical Processing
4. Aerospace Engineering
5. Genetic & Biological research
6. Biohazard Atmosphere
7. Laminar Flow Workstations

Technology Parameters

Model No. Dimension WxHxD(mm) Rated Air Flow (m³/h) Media Area (㎡) Initial Resistance (pa) Finally resistance (pa) Efficiency
CBFF-001 592x592x46 2600.0 0.97 <25-45pa 100-200pa G4
CBFF-002 592x490x46 2200.0 0.81 <25-45pa 100-200pa G4
CBFF-003 592x287x46 1300.0 0.48 <25-45pa 100-200pa G4
CBFF-004 490x592x46 2300.0 0.86 <25-45pa 100-200pa G4
CBFF-005 490x490x46 1900.0 0.71 <25-45pa 100-200pa G4
CBFF-006 287x592x46 1400.0 0.52 <25-45pa 100-200pa G4