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Clean Room Air Shower

General Air Shower

Blow way: Single blow/Double blow

/Three blow/surrounded blow/Vertical blow

SS nozzle diameter: ø25mm

Material: powder coated steel/stainless steel

Controller: Electronic control panel/ PLC

Power supply: 220V/380V

Humanity science and technology

1.Two-door electronic interlock, sensor/switch/hand touch/fingerprint/face identification/ auto-sliding/swing door.

2.Intelligent programmable control, brand new electric leakage protection, CE markable certified.

3.Brand LED electronic lighting, service life more than 11 years, better lighting and less energy.

4.Infrared sensing blow drench, clear indicator, emergency stop switch. Reflects stronger professional, convenience and security

5. Use the high quality cold-rolled steel sheet with epoxy powder coated, wear-resisting ground steel plate, stainless steel nozzle, have good corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

Fete Filter Air Shower Main Features

1. Special ultra thin blowing tube housing and fan, match with rotatable embedded stainless steel nozzle, greatly increased the space utilization and blowing tube effect.

2. High quality infrared sensor automatically showering;

3. Time for showering can be adjusted from 0 second to 99 seconds, Adopts single chip microcomputer control, LCD display working status;

4. Imported electronic interlock device, two doors can not opened at same time;

5. With G1 and H13 99.99%@0.3 micron HEPA filter to ensure the purification class;

6. Standard of the modular design, make field assembly faster and more convenient maintenance;

7. But according to user needs and site condition transformation function and form.

Technology Parameters

Item Single blow air shower for one personDouble blow air shower for one personDouble blow air shower for one person
Model ASG-1260/1ASG-1400/1ASG-1400/1.5
External Size (WxLxHmm) 1260x1000x20501400x1000x21801400x1500x2180
Internal Size (WxLxHmm) 790x930x1910790x930x1910790x1430x1910
Nozzle in stainless steel (pc)
Nozzle wind speed (m/s) ≥25≥25≥25
Noise (1m away) (dB) <65<65<65
FanPower supply (V/Hz)380/50380/50380/50
Power (W/set)750×1600×1750×1
Quantity /set2.04.06.0
Air flow (m³/h)1200.01500.02500.0
HEPA filterSize (W×H×Dmm)630×630×69630×630×69630×915×69
Quantity (set)
Pre-filterSize (W×H×Dmm)775×380×17775×380×17775×380×17
Quantity (set)
Total power supply/W 780.0630.0780.0
Brand Name: Fete Filter Certification: ISO9001,CE
Place of Origin: China Condition: New
Warranty: 3 years Customized design: available
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Ans. Our primary product offerings include industrial Air filter and Cleanroom equipment.

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Ans. Our payment terms require a 50% TT deposit in advance, with the remaining 50% TT balance due before delivery. We also offer the option of utilizing Alibaba Trade Assurance Service. We welcome any additional suggestions or inquiries regarding payment methods.

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