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Super Thin FFU

Cabinet Material:Galvanized/ Aluminum/ Stainless Steel.

Dimension(L*W*H mm):2x2 or 2x4 or 4x4 or customized.

HEPA Efficiency: 99.99%@0.3um~99.9995%@0.15um

Air velocity (m/s): 0.35-0.55

Noise dB ≤55

General Description

Fete Super Thin Fan Filter Unit (FFU) is a type of unit used for filtering laminar air and supplying clean air. Fete FFU can be used stand alone or installed modularly. It is 100mm thinner than the Genaral FFU. The material of cabinet is stainless steel, Galvanized steel with aluminum painting, Cold rolled steel with epoxy powder and so on. It is lighter, corrosion-resistance, rust-resistance and beautiful. Fete FFU is the core when making clean room equipment for a given space including clean booth, clean bench and clean room assembly. The purpose is to supply purified air to different levels of clean room.


1. Overheating protection Inside equipped with overheating protection, the surface is smooth and bright, lower air resistance and good sound insulation. Special air entrance design can low down the noise effectively .

2. The average air speed increase to 25% Long-life span, energy-saving, low noise, less maintenance, small vibration and adjustable speed. The average air speed increase to 25%.

3. Life-long span It works as an average air speed of 0.45m/s. The outlet speed is stable and can shorten the period the replace filters. In the meantime, it can extend the service life of fans.

4. Space-saving Light and convenient, easy and beautiful design. Let the using space reduced largely and the efficiency is higher. Not only improve the scope and space, but also energy saving.


semiconductor, electron, flat-panel display, disc-drive, manufacture and optics, bio-engineering, clean bench, clean room, or any other places. Hospital, pharmaceutical, laboratory, semiconductor, electronic, bio-engineering, clean bench, clean room, or any other place requires high cleanliness environment. Technology Parameters

Technology Parameters

Cabinet materialGalvanized / aluminum / stainless steel
Rated air flow(m3/h)800-9001000-11001100-12001600-1700
Air velocity (m/s)0.35~0.55
Noise dB(A)<55dB
Filter efficiency99.99% 〜99.9995%<0.3um)
Power supply220V,50HZ/ 110V, 60HZ
HEPA filter size(mm)570*870*69915*610*69570*1170*69610*1220*69
HEPA Efficiecncy99.99% 〜99.9995%<0.3um)
HEPA filter frameAluminum
HEPA filter Initial pressure drop110Pa@0.45m/s±15%
Brand Name: Fete Filter Certification: ISO9001,CE
Place of Origin: China Condition: New
Warranty: 3 years Customized design: available
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Ans. Our primary product offerings include industrial Air filter and Cleanroom equipment.

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