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V-bank Air Filter With Activated Carbon Layer

FafCarb filters are great for indoor air quality, handling both particles and molecular contaminants in one compact unit.

They use Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD) for efficient removal of urban pollutants.

With a sturdy frame and large media area, they last long, have low pressure drop, and fit standard air handling units easily.

Customization Note: Non-standard customization is welcomed.


This combination V-Bank air filter integrates MERV15 (14A) particulate and molecular media, effectively removing solid and gaseous contaminants in one stage. Perfect for healthcare facilities, it's versatile for existing setups, handling medium concentrations of both external and internal pollutants.


• Combination mini-pleat V-cell design for particulate and molecular contaminants

• Ideal for low concentrations of various pollutants

• 100% incinerable

• Suitable for upgrading existing installations

• Available in standard sizes

• Utilizes Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD)

• Achieves MERV15 (14A) and ePM1 70% according to ISO 16890


This filter removes gaseous contaminants and MERV15 (14A) particulates to maintain air quality standards, prioritizing the health and comfort of occupants. Commonly used in airports, casinos, healthcare facilities, industrial offices, cultural heritage sites, food & beverage facilities, and laboratories.

Filter Frame:

Made of molded plastic


Utilizes synthetic and activated carbon

Relative Humidity:

Maintains optimal performance between 30% and 70%

Standard Dimensions:

Follows EN 15805 for filter front dimensions

Installation Options:

Available with front access frames and side access housings. Refer to related products for details.

Max Airflow:

Supports up to 1.25 times the nominal flow rate


Maximum face velocity of 500 fpm.

Max Temperature:

Operates within a range of 50°C (122°F)

Brand Name: Fete Filter Certification: ISO9001,CE
Place of Origin: China Condition: New
Warranty: 3 years Customized design: available
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