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Nylon Primary Air Filter

Efficiency: G1/G2/G3/G4
Media: Nylon
Face guard: Square meh/Grid mesh/SUS mesh
Frame: Aluminum/Galvanized
Max. Temperature: 80℃
Max. Humidity: 100%

General Description

Fete Nylon Mesh Prefilter is widely used in Fan Filter Unit, diffuser and the indoor equipments with the largeair flow, also applied to the pre-filtration of the air condition system and the cleanroom. Primary filtration and inlet filtration of air condition system ,filtration of ventilation system with special acid &alkaline resistandce .


• Good abrasion resistance and long lifespan
• Nylon ner filter has less resistance, longer lasting
• washable for several times
• cheap cost


Widely applied to central air conditioning, family expenses air conditioning, special acid, alkali ventilation filters and clean room air return air conditioning filter mouth.

Technology Parameters

Model No. Dimension (W*H*D) (mm) air flow  (m3/h) filter media area (m2) Initial  resistance  (pa)
NPFF-001 592x592x21 3200.0 1.05 20pa
NPFF-002 287x592x21 1600.0 0.51 20pa
NPFF-003 490x592x21 2600.0 0.87 20pa
NPFF-004 592x592x46 3200.0 3.15 20pa
NPFF-005 287x592x46 1600.0 1.53 20pa
NPFF-006 490x592x46 2600.0 2.61 20pa
NPFF-007 595x592x50 3200.0 3.86 20pa
NPFF-008 287x592x50 1600.0 1.87 20pa
NPFF-009 490x592x50 2600.0 3.2 20pa