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V-Bank Filter with Metal Frame

Efficiency: H13/H14
Separators: Hot Melt
Media: Glass Fiber
Sealant: Polyurethane
Frame: Gal. steel; Aluminum
Temperature: <70° C
Humidity: <100 % RH
Recommended final Pressure drop: < 600Pa

General Description

V-bank air filter can be used as final air filter in cleaning filtration system. It is applicable to air separation, purification of dust, In order to ensure cleanliness requirements system, extending use life.


1. The filtration material is the fiberglass or the polypropylene. 2. High efficiency, large air flow. 3. Low operation cost, convenient for installation. 4. Large dust capacity, no partition design.


Large air volume ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, food, hospitals, clean rooms and other filtration systems. Can be used for the middle of the high efficiency filtration system or the front end of the ultra-efficient filtration system pre-filter.

Technology Parameters

Model Actual Size HxWxD(mm) Air Flow (m³/h) Initial Resistance (pa) Efficiency En779
VBM-001 287*592*292 1000.0 250.0 H13/H14
VBM-002 592*592*292 1500.0 250.0
VBM-003 610*610*292 3300.0 250.0